Four year faculty and college graduates can apply to our program.

You can register for our program by taking at least 60 points from the foreign language level examination of our institute. You may also be exempted from the exam if you bring a proof of English proficiency by the date of registration.

You can bring the document to the Student Affairs Office until the registration date.

It can be filled in to an authorized person from academic or private sector. You can access the reference letter sample from the http://iyte.edu.tr/Bos.aspx?m=250

You must bring the day of the interview at the latest.


Lecture Fee = [Total Credit] x [Amount Per Credit] x [1,25] + Application Fee

Application Fee = Amount Per Credit = 750TL

You have to fill in the application for the course selection below and submit it to our Urla campus with the approved diploma sample. Graduation project and seminar course cannot be taken while selecting courses.

Click for the application sample of special students 

Pursuant to Article 19 of the IZTECH Graduate Education Regulations (https://emp.iyte.edu.tr/regulations/), in order to be able to count the courses taken in the status of private students and in the language of education in English within the last three academic years, the condition of success mentioned in the sixth paragraph of article 15 of this regulation must be met and the approval of the EABDB and the Institute Board of Directors should be obtained.

lisansüstü eğitime sayılabilir.

To graduate from the undergraduate or graduate program. Documents required for the application can be found at http://mfbe.iyte.edu.tr/basvurular/lisansustu-basvurular/ozel-ogrencilik/

Private studentship is not an education aimed at obtaining a direct degree and cannot exceed two semesters.


  • The student selects courses from ÖBS (https://obs.iyte.edu.tr/oibs/ogrenci/login.aspx).
  • The student finalizes the courses he or she chooses from ÖBS.
  • Deposits the fees that appear in the system from any Halk Bank branch or ATM.
  • The advisor gives approval through the system.

If it is related to the job, you should get a letter from the authorized person in the following template. If it is not related to the job, you must apply with a letter and petition proving your reason.

You can access the petition example at https://emp.iyte.edu.tr/registration-dondurma/.

You can access the sample text from the authorized person at https://emp.iyte.edu.tr/Is-yeri-dilekce/.

You must be a member as announcements are made on important topics such as registrations, graduation projects and seminars.


Each lecture is taught once a week, so you can take up to five lectures per semester.

You can start the program from any course except the graduation project.

The course is opened with at least 3 students.

According to the regulations of the institute, 70% attendance is required. However, it is entirely at the discretion of the instructor to follow it.

Lessons are held at Bayraklı Tepekule Business Center between 18: 45-21: 15 each evening on weekdays.

You must be a member as announcements are made on important topics such as registrations, graduation projects and seminars.


When you have successfully completed at least 4 lectures, you can receive a graduation project.

The advisors convey the project subjects and the number of students they want to take to our department. The selected project topics and the number of students are sent to the students at engman@iyte.edu.tr. The students send the petition about that supervisor they want to work to the department.

  • As long as the quota exists and the advisor gives approval, the students work with advisor who in their first choice.
  • If more than one quota is requested by a faculty instructor, he or she selects the number of students as quota, and informs the department head of the names. It directs the remaining students to their second choice by the department.
  • The students who are directed to their second preferences settle as long as the quota of the instructor is enough and gives approval. Again, if there is more demand from the quota for the instructor at this stage, he or she selects the number of students as much as the quota and informs the names of the students to the head of department. The remaining students are directed by their department to their third choice.
  • This placement system continues until the fifth choice of the student.
  • For the students who are not able to settle for their fifth choice, the process of making a choice starts again, and for the instructors whose quota is enough, they make five choices with the petition again and the placement procedures are completed by the head of the department.


As of 2022-2023 fall semester, the credit fee per lecture is 750 TL. Since each lecture has 3 credits, one lecture fee is 2250 TL. Graduation project and seminar lectures cost 750 TL each.

You pay in advance as much as the course you take.

You must pay your tuition fee at any Halk Bank branch with your student number or at Halk Bank ATMs.


You can take up to 2 lectures at summer school (maximum 8 credits)

No, they are not different.

Summer school lectures will be announced on the 2nd week of February.

It cannot be done, the student must make a careful decision when choosing a lecture.

  • The courses are selected from ÖBS.
  • Finalize selected courses from ÖBS
  • The tuition fee is paid to any Halk Bank branch.
  • The advisor is expected to give approval.

According to the instructor it can be done in the classroom or take home.

There is no English preparatory program. Candidates who cannot prove their English proficiency or do not pass the English exemption exam conducted by the School of Foreign Languages (at least 60 must be taken) cannot be admitted to our program.


In today’s world, scientific and technological developments affect organizations more than ever. This creates challenges in relation to the speed of technological change for the management of organizations of different structures as well as technological competition. It is clear that new skills and knowledge are needed to effectively and efficiently manage interdisciplinary technical groups and projects. This means that companies should have qualified professionals with many technical experience and management skills.

IZTECH Engineering Management Program is specially designed to equip university graduates from different disciplines with the necessary tools and techniques to cope with today’s management problems.

Engineering Management Program is enriched with various management courses (total quality management, strategic management, project management…), financial analysis, organizational behavior, marketing and management economics as well as technical courses such as optimization, decision making, management information systems, experimental design.

The Engineering Management Program blends management with planning, regulation and control of production, design and manufacturing processes.

A graduate of an Engineering Management Program can integrate marketing, manufacturing, finance and engineering policies. It works interdisciplinary and project-oriented with the skills, qualifications and vision to eliminate the gap between technical expertise and management in technological organizations.

With the regulation published in the Official Gazette on 06 February 2013, the right of non-thesis graduates to apply for doctoral programs was lifted. After this date, any student who is enrolled in a non-thesis program cannot apply for a doctoral program with a non-thesis master’s degree. However, students will be able to pursue a doctorate with a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree with thesis.