About Us

About US
In today’s world, scientific and technological developments affect organizations more than ever. This presents competition as well as challenges associated with the fast pace of technological change, for the management of organizations of different type. Needless to say, new skills and knowledge are needed to manage interdisciplinary technical groups and projects efficiently and effectively. That means, companies need  various types of qualified professionals with technical expertise and administrative skills.
IZTECH offers an Engineering Management Master Program specifically designed to equip university graduates from different disciplines with necessary tools and techniques to cope with management challenges of today.
Engineering Management Program blends management into production by planning, organizing and controlling the design and manufacturing processes. An engineering management graduate can integrate and execute marketing, production, finance and engineering policies.
Engineering Management Program is enriched by technical courses such as optimization, simulation decision making, management information systems, design of experiments besides the variety of management classes (total quality management, strategic management, project management), financial analysis, organizational behavior, marketing and managerial economics.